What Are You Afraid Of?


What are you afraid of? There are many answers that I would hear I’m pretty sure.  For some it’s heights, spiders, germs, flying, public speaking, roller-coasters, haunted houses, death etc… The list can go on and on. The point I would to make is that fear exist for the simple fact of allowing courage to come on the scene. In other words fear is perfectly ok.

I always thought of myself being a fearless person. Once I began working on the vision of Frontline Leadership, I saw myself being a little reluctant and passive regarding pushing forward with it. I began to make excuses fearabout time, availability and resources. I began to say to myself that it is not going to happen. I would talk my own self out of pursuing my dreams. I am defeating myself before I even begin. This is a sure recipe for moving nowhere very quickly.

So I ask the question again. What are you afraid of? Maybe the list of questions below may be of some encouragement to you and cause to think while facing your fears.

What if you actually succeed?

What if you are in a better situation?

What if you help others overcome their fears?

Remember for courage to arise, fear must be present. I believe many of us are standing back and have become so comfortable being cheerleaders instead of getting in the game. We don’t want to fail. At least in failure, there is the fact of knowing that you tried.

Colonel Sanders was denied 1009 times before his first breakthrough.

What about you? Go back to school. Start your business. Change your career. Write your book. Act upon that which is in your heart. Are you waiting for tomorrow? Run for office. Protest misuse and abuse of authority. Pop the question. Let’s get started today. What are you afraid of?

Kevin Parker is the owner of Frontline Leadership Training & Development Services. Contact Kevin for Life Coaching or Speaking engagements. Visit www.frontlineleadersusa.com or email kparker@frontlineleadersusa.com


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