One Brick At A Time

Have you ever marveled at the great pyramids? pyramid
Have you ever wondered how they were made without major technology, cranes and other high powered
equipment? There are many speculations on how it they were constructed but one thing is very true. The pyramids were built using one brick at a time.


When building or rebuilding your life, you must remember that you can’t build everything in one day. The old saying goes “Rome Was Not Built In A Day”.  It was built over time. It wOne-Brick-at-a-Timeas strategic. It was planned. It was deliberate. That is how we must build our lives. Our lives have to be planned. We must determine that we are not satisfied with where we are and take the necessary steps to move on.  Just know that even a few small steps gets you closer to where you are trying to go. Even if you have hit rock bottom, that can be the perfect platform on which you can begin building again.


The goal is not to change things overnight but to make continuous forward progress. It could be very intimidating initially, but make sure that you use courage to overcome fear when you don’t have the strength.

Steps to Build

  • Build on solid foundation.
  • You don’t have to have it all figured out.
  • Make progress. Even if it is just a little.
  • Understand that mistakes are OK.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Remember you are in a marathon, not a 40-yard-dash.
  • Build your castle One Brick At A Time

Kevin Parker is the owner of Frontline Leadership Training & Development Services. Contact Kevin for Life Coaching or Speaking engagements. Visit or email


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