Let’s Get It Started 2017

Let’s Get It Started 2017

Well 2017 is here. What are we going to do different this year that will bring us the results that we are looking for? There is no need to wait. Let’s go full steam ahead. Hopefully you are ready to get things started. Now that the adrenalinelets-get-it-started has slowed down, it’s time to get practical and precise on what we are trying to accomplish. Is it to become debt free? Do you want to earn an additional $10,000 per year? Do you want to purchase a house? Maybe you are considering starting your own business. Whatever it is, there must be a starting point and that starting point begins with you making a decision.

  1. Make A Decision – Making the decision to do something is the beginning. It is more that hoping and wishing that something will just fall out of the sky. Having your mind made up is the one thing that can take you further than looking at your limitations. Not having your mind made up will give room for excuses, procrastination and hesitation.
  2. Set Clear Goals – Setting clear goals will help you stay focused. It is very easy to get off track if you are not clear on what you are trying to accomplish. You will find yourself wasting time and resources. Setting clear goals and writing them down will keep you inspired throughout the journey. Each step closer is one step closer.
  3. Create Action Plans – Create a step-by-step action plan on what it will take to accomplish the goals you are trying to reach. This will give you a plan of action to take. Who do you need to call? How much money does it cost? What tools do I need? What classes should I take? You will have to do something or it could be a multitude of things. Some of these things will be time sensitive. You must make sure that these plans are followed and each task is finished. 
  4. Work Hard – Do not be afraid of the grind. Embrace the grind. There is nothing that will come to you easy in life. It is in the hard work that will teach you lessons. These lessons will become the building blocks of your success.

Let’s make it a great year.



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